Success Story of Mary

Mary started CCM (Chronic Care Management) with Baba LTC in 2020 with a history of multiple hospitalizations, falls and UTI’s. Through working together with patient and her spouse, Baba LTC has assisted throughout the transitioning of care for Mary. Thorough multiple conversations and assessments, the spouse determined he could no longer care for Mary appropriately but had no idea what the next steps were, Baba LTC took over and assisted with the next steps. Through using the CCM process, Mary is now receiving the care she needs. Baba LTC continues to assist Mary through her transitions of care and provides solutions and support to a very burned-out caregiver spouse throughout each step. With CCM Mary gets the support and assistance she needs, to ensure

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that she is supported throughout all stages of life and RJ (spouse) is guided in making the right next steps for his beloved wife.
“I appreciate the time and effort spend to help me find the right place for my wife”.


Success Story of Shirley

Shirley is an Assisted Living resident who is not always able to communicate how she is doing or what she may need. Step daughter Debbie mainly relies on the Assisted Living staff to keep her up to date and manages her care needs. While the ALF is doing a great job at managing moms’ day to day needs and health care conditions, she would like to have more details of her mother care coordination and status including medications and mobility, mental health and so forth. She struggles with being on top of her step mother’s current situation and health care components especially during the Pandemic. Debbie sometimes feels out of the loop and with COVID- 19 regulations preventing onsite visits of non-essential guests to the community she is unable to

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always provide her support. Debbie was very pleasantly surprised to know that a program existed that could benefit her Step- Mom by overseeing her healthcare and staying on track of her wellness, additionally tying in the family and other support systems while also communicating with the Assisted Living. She wants to feel like she is “In the loop with a better understanding”. She had a difficult time managing her late father’s healthcare and wants the ease of knowing she has a team working with her and Shirley’s best health outcome this time around.
“I feel like I’m in the loop with a better understanding of my stepmother’s healthcare needs”..


Success Story of Lillie

Lillie is an Assisted Living resident who has lived on the Independent side of the community for over 5 years. Lillie is 101-year-old and remains pretty independent for most things. She has been on CCM since 2020 and had a history of falls. Since joining CCM a pattern was established identifying that after resident completed therapy services physical activity declined and resident was having recurrent falls with decreased mobility. While discussing situation with daughter Pam we determined a restorative program to keep mom on track may be an appropriate solution. Working with the Assisted Living community we were able to set up restorative maintenance program that works and

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keeps Lillie moving and well. Lillie has remained free from falls and hospitalizations for over 6 months and looking forward to celebrating her 102th Birthday this year!
"I am grateful that a program exists that can help families guide their families care throughout each step”.


Success Story of Stephani

Stephani had a recurrent issue receiving laboratory bill that she felt was incorrect, our care assistant spoke directly to the associate to address the concern. After addressing the coding issue patient was no longer responsible for payment as it was covered through

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insurance. Stephani made sure to call stating
“Thank you so much for taking care of this I have been trying to resolve this for months!”

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